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Dr Christian Jessen is a popular health campaigner who combines his medical career with a successful media career.

He works closely with various charities (including Terrence Higgins Trust, Ditch the Label and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home) to help raise awareness and make health accessible to everyone.

Dr Christian is well-known for presenting Dr Christian Will See You Now and Dr Christian: 12 Hours to Cure Your Street along with the multi award-winning Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize vs Superskinny. He also presented the critically acclaimed documentaries Undercover Doctor: Cure Me I’m Gay, How the Rich Live Longer and co-hosted Drugs Live and Stand Up to Cancer.

He writes regular health columns and is the author of Dr Christian’s Guide to Growing Up Online, Dr Christian’s Guide to Growing Up, Dr Christian’s Guide to Dealing with the Tricky Stuff, Dr Christian’s Guide to You, Can I Just Ask? and Supersize vs Superskinny. He is also the host of the podcast, Second Opinion with Dr Christian.

Image credit: left Dan Kennedy (via Telegraph); centre courtesy of Ask The Doctor Magazine, photography by Terry Benson.

Previous partnerships

UK Meds

Dr Christian has partnered with UK Meds as their favourite Doctor.

HRA Pharma

Involvement in HRA Pharma’s launch of the first type of contraceptive pill that will be available to buy in the UK without a prescription.


Christian encouraged holiday makers to seek a travel health risk assessment prior to travelling.


Dr Christian's Guide to Growing Up Online

Dr Christian Jessen

The ultimate online survival guide!

Dr Christian, TV’s favourite doctor, tackles all your awkward questions head-on, helping you find out how to stay safe growing up in a digital world.

From cyberbullying to binge-watching TV, from group chats to your digital footprint, this book contains real answers to real questions.

Topics covered: cyberbullying; online grooming; feeling left out on social media; binge-watching TV; unauthorised sharing of personal photos and information; dealing with strangers online; digital footprints; keeping passwords private; dealing with nasty social media and text messages; feeling angry about online discussions; what’s a Finsta?; coping with catfishing; dealing with anxiety; family agreements and contracts; chatbots; making friends in real life; combating trolls; grooming.

Dr Christian's Guide to Growing Up

Dr Christian Jessen

No question is too cringey for Embarrassing Bodies expert Dr Christian! In this no-nonsense guide, he’s here to answer all those awkward questions about puberty, your body and the process of growing up.

Dr Christian's Guide to Dealing with the Tricky Stuff

Dr Christian Jessen

Finally, TV’s favourite doctor, Dr Christian, comes to the rescue of parents, boys and girls to answer all their questions about adolescence, sexuality and puberty. Leave it on the coffee table or sit down and go through it together— this book is a godsend for every family household with children under the age of fifteen.

Dr Christian's Guide to You

Dr Christian Jessen

Your teenage years see many changes to your body and your lifestyle. In his usual frank and straightforward fashion, Dr Christian tackles all your worries about growing up stress-free and healthy.

Can I Just Ask?

Dr Christian Jessen

Dr Christian Jessen, the unshockable presenter of the hit television shows, Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize vs Superskinny, is always being tackled by strangers wanting answers to their most private medical questions. Like all doctors, Dr Christian finds people sidling up to him with their questions at parties, on trains, and even in the street. So why don’t people ask their own doctors these questions in the more formal setting of the medical surgery? And what are the most common questions?

Can I Just Ask? provides the answers in a fun and informative book that includes:

. urban health myths busted
. advice for common problems we don’t like to talk about
. specific sections for male/female health issues, curious facts, sex, diet, medicines, fitness and more
. plenty of surprising facts and figures to help trivia-hungry readers better understand the mysterious workings of their bodies.

Sometimes humorous, often surprising and always informative, this book will answer all your questions, whether you have a worrying health dilemma or just a curious mind!

Supersize vs Superskinny

Dr Christian Jessen

The world has gone diet mad. There is a new celebrity eating plan every week, sales of slimming products are soaring, and we all count the calories. Yet this obsession with our diet does not seem to be making us any thinner, or any healthier. One in four adults in the UK are now classified as clinically obese while at the same time 1.1 million of us suffer from an eating disorder. Something clearly needs to be done.

In Supersize Vs Superskinny, Dr Christian Jessen uses science, medicine and most importantly common sense to help us get back on track. There are explanatory chapters outlining why we’re so obsessed with our weight and body image, and exactly why it is so dangerous to be supersize or superskinny, followed by practical chapters to help us understand our own behaviour and change our relationship with food for the better. Topping it all off, there are eating plans and recipes to help you find a healthy balance and reach your ideal weight, whatever your current size.

Supportive, practical, informed and beautifully illustrated, Supersize Vs Superskinny is the perfect book for anyone wishing to take control of their weight and learn more about how to have a happy, healthy attitude towards food.